​​ENC Coverage

IC-ENC members are producing and maintaining an ENC database made up of over 7,500 ENC base cells, which continues to grow each week.

Graphical Catalogue

C-ENC has developed a graphical catalogue to illustrate the number of ENCs available worldwide. This catalogue is hosted by the Portuguese Hydrographic Institute (IH), and is updated on a frequent basis. This catalogue contains ENC data available via IC-ENC, PRIMAR and non-RENC.

New IC-ENC catalogue image for website.JPG
Note: to access the catalogue using Internet Explorer please ensure ActiveX Filtering is turned off. This can be done from address bar in your Web browser.​​​

​User Guide
The user guide can be found here​​​.

If you have any issues accessing the online catalogue, please contact therenc@ic-enc.org.

 IC-ENC Listing of Available ENCs and Weekly Changes

he catalogue.txt file provides detailed information about the ENCs currently available from IC-ENC. This file is updated on a weekly basis.

The IC-ENC P-Weekly ​​file provides a list of the latest changes to the IC-ENC database, including all new cells, new editions and updates which have been released by IC-ENC in the last week. This file is updated on a weekly basis.​​​