ENC Distribution

IC-ENC works with companies known as Value Added Resellers (VARs), who are able to offer comprehensive end-use services that bring together various navigational products into one package.

By working with VARs, IC-ENC is able to offer the mariner a choice of services, each incorporating a wide range of ENCs, which are available through a variety of well-known international distribution outlets.

IC-ENC acts as a single point of supply, offering consistent terms that give VARs the flexibility to offer a range of integrated services to meet the needs of the international mariner.

This way, IC-ENC members avoid:

  • The cost of developing and marketing their own services for global distribution
  • Appointing and managing an extensive distributor network with the associated commercial and legal requirements
  • The need for complex and expensive service delivery systems
  • Any company can apply to become an IC-EN​C VAR through an application process which is assessed independently by a VAR assessment panel.

Current IC-ENC VARs


More information about each VAR can be found on the Current IC-ENC VARs page.​

For more information on how to become a VAR can be found on the How to Become a VARpage.​

VAR Reporting 

A copy of the sales report format specification and general guidelines on how to populate your report is 
available here​​. ​​​​​The XML schema is available here​​​.​​​​​​​​