​​​​​​​​​​International ENC Validation training course

...​​​​​​​​​​​​Training provided to 42 individuals from 30 different ENC producers

IC-ENC launched its International ENC Validation training course as part of its capacity building initiative at the start of 2014. A ‘pilot’ course ran successfully in March 2014 for three delegates, and we received some great constructive feedback which was put into action straight away. Following the success of the pilot course, the decision was made to deliver three training courses in 2015. ​These three courses were held in:

  • ​Taunton, UK - February
  • Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia - May/June
  • Panama, Central America - September​

Following the successful delivery of these courses, IC-ENC has now provided training to 42 individuals from 30 different ENC producers. The IC-ENC Steering Committee has just approved the delivery of three more training courses in 2016:

  • ​Taunton, UK - 4th - 14th July
  • Panama Canal Authority, Panama - 5th - 16th September
  • National Hydrographic Centre, Malaysia - TBC

​​​Course Trainer's Message

"The International ENC Validation training course provides the knowledge, skills and understanding required to enable ENC Production teams to perform validation in their home offices to a high standard. The course allows familiarisation with the full IC-ENC ENC Validation process from start to finish, including conformance to the relevant IHO Standards and the various software tools used. The course also includes familiarisation with the eGlobe G2 ECDIS, and upon completion of the course, each delegate will be given the eGlobe G2 ECDIS software to take back to their offices in order to encourage ENC Production teams to include the use of an ECDIS as part of their production and validation processes. 

This course has proven to be an excellent method for exchanging knowledge, ideas and experience between different producing nations. As a result, we see great working relationships established during the two week period.​

In order to get the most from the course, I would highly encourage that you send at least two delegates from your offices to attend course in order that the knowledge can be shared amongst the whole office. ​

In addition to delivering training courses around the world for our members, we offer a four week training secondment for the heads of ENC production teams. Secondments are held at IC-ENC UK (HQ), and focus on providing the individuals a team leader perspective in order to maximise the potential of their ENC production team.

I thoroughly enjoyed delivering the training courses this year, and I am already excited for what 2016 has in store for IC-ENC and its members!"

“The most useful parts of the course were being able to get to know the whole process of validation from start to finish, and meeting IC-ENC staff members and representatives of other Hydrographic Office to exchange information and experiences amongst ourselves” – Slovenian Hydrographic Office

​​Chairman's Message

"I am so happy to hear about the success of the three International ENC ​​Validation training courses which have have taken place in 2015. Not only has IC-ENC conducted the course in the UK, but also in Australia and Panama, which are all great achievements.

The training programme was set up by a principal strategic decision of the IC-ENC Steering Committee not only to invest in technology, but to invest in people. This notion was proposed first by the former Australian Hydrographer, Rod Nairn, and I am proud to say that we are now turning it into reality. There are not many governmental technical standards which are applied globally – but it is great that ENC production is one of the few. IC-ENC has now released more than  5,600 ENCs out of 13,000 worlds coverage. This is a good portion and expected to grow.

The skills you are about to obtain from this training course cannot be overestimated in many aspects. It is surely for the benefit for your national hydrography but – at the same time - for the benefit of the mariners of all nations navigating your waters as well. In addition, joint education results in team building, and the harmonization of ENC data leads to cross border co-operation. Co-operation results in mutual understanding between nations and mentalities. This is what our fragile planet needs, and this is an important side effect of your collaboration. I am convinced you share this spirit within the group and take this inspiration back to your home office wherever it is.

Let me finish by wishing you all the best."

Dr. Mathias Jonas
IC-ENC Chairman & National Hydrographer of Germany ​




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