How to Join IC-ENC

Bilateral Arrangement and Statement of Intent to Join

The method of joining IC-ENC is normally through a Bilateral Arrangement. This covers the quality assurance and distribution services which will be supplied, and how the costs of these services will be covered. As operator of IC-ENC HQ in Taunton, the UK Hydrographic Office supports IC-ENC with the Bilateral Arrangement process. Nations have the choice to include an Annex regarding IC-ENC within a wider Arrangement with the UK Hydrographic Office, or sign a standalone Bilateral Arrangement directly with IC-ENC.

However, the joint signing of a Bilateral Arrangement between two HOs can be a lengthy process, and this can introduce delays in the issuing of ENC coverage to the mariner. In order to address this, IC-ENC has developed the 'Statement of Intent to Join' document. The signing of this document by both IC-ENC and the HO means that the HO can benefit from the full range of IC-ENC services whilst the process of signing the Bilateral Arrangement continues to completion, ensuring that the ENC coverage can be in use as soon as possible.

Cooperation Arrangement

IC-ENC focuses its cooperation activities around a multi-lateral arrangement known as the 'Cooperation Arrangement', or CoA. The purpose of the CoA is to provide a framework for strengthening international cooperation between HOs in the production, quality assurance, promotion and distribution of ENC data.

The CoA sets out the terms of reference of a Steering Committee whose role is to define IC-ENC policies and direction, and to appoint, oversee and revie
w the activities of the IC-ENC offices in line with these policies.

Once an HO has joined IC-ENC, they are considered a full participant, and thus benefit from the full range of IC-ENC services. Notably, each member is invited and encouraged to participate in the IC-ENC Steering Committee.

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