​​​​​ ​​Independent ENC Validation​​

...Over 8​4,000 validations carried out

​​​...​A folio of more than 7,200 ENCs

​​​Quality and Consistency

C-ENC provides a cost effective, independent ENC quality assurance service, which is achieved through a concise and consistent approach by its team of experienced Data Validators. The Validation team operate to policies based on real and practical user experience, whilst assessing any issues which could impact the end user, the mariner. These policies supplement the defined rules and encoding practices laid out in the S-57 and S-58 Standards. These standards, in addition to the reports generated by the validation software, are often complex and ambiguous at times, which is why we take pride in our experienced and skilled team of Data Validators to interpret the varying results of the different software-based validation tools. 

ENC validation is, therefore, regarded as a fundamental function of IC-ENC. Each IC-ENC office conducts a full and independent validation to all ENC data before it is released to the market in accordance with the IC-ENC validation policy and procedures. As a result, IC-ENC member nations receive valuable feedback, reassurance and greater confidence in the quality of their ENC data.

Analysis and Feedback

A detailed and structured feedback report is created for each validation. Each feedback report is aimed at improving the individual ENC itself, in addition to consistency across the entire dataset, and the overall usability of the product. The findings of each validation report are considered to provide an overall picture of each ENC's quality and suitability for release, always for the benefit of the end user.

Any issues identified throughout the validation are included in this report according to IC-ENC's assessment of their severity and the HO's correction strategy choices (indicated in the Partnership Programme). Here, advice is given to assist the HO in resolving the issues, supplemented with screenshots when appropriate.​​                                                                                                                                                       ​​


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