Regional Office Concept

The regional office concept promotes consistency, efficiency and partnership within the region, and fits neatly into the WEND concept. IC-ENC encourages the development of regional offices, and provides support and training as required.

What does an IC-ENC Regional Office do?

  • Validates regional data to the same standard as IC-ENC HQ. The Validation teams in each office use the same software and working practices. The Validation teams work closely together to share best practice and ideas
  • Acts as the primary IC-ENC point of contact for members in the region, providing advice and support on ENC issues
  • Collates the ENCs that have passed validation and supplies them to IC-ENC HQ on a weekly basis for distribution to the VARs
  • The Managers of each office provide input and support as required regarding IC-ENC matters, e.g. strategic issues, meetings and conferences

What are the benefits of an IC-ENC regional office?

  • Provision of local support to IC-ENC members, in terms of time-zone and language
  • Extended 'working day' for improved response times (up to 20 hours out of 24)
  • Enhance the 'international' aspect of IC-ENC, and development of a global network across countries and continents
  • Establish a global resource of staff trained in ENC Validation
  • ​Support IC-ENC's International Validation training course, by offering a regional base for training and other capacity building activities

Where are the IC-ENC Regional Offices located?

IC-ENC has three regional offices:

  • IC-ENC Australia - based in Wollongong, Australia with 2 staff
  • IC-ENC Latin America - based in Niteroi, Brazil with 2 staff ​
  • IC-ENC North America - based in Washington, USA with 2 staff

For more information
, please see the IC-ENC Regional Offices page.